Through The Marketing Lens

Hiring For Return On Investment

February 08, 2022 Katrina Aronson Season 2 Episode 46
Through The Marketing Lens
Hiring For Return On Investment
Show Notes

This week on Through The Marketing Lens, we are talking about seeing hiring as an investment rather than a cost. As your business grows, you'll need to start outsourcing some parts of your work and it can feel like a huge expense. However, it's so important to shift your mindset and start seeing this expense as a necessary investment that will help your business reach new heights.

In this episode, I'm going over two concrete ways to assess the return on investment you're getting from the folks you hire. We'll be covering:

  • How to use analytics and data to assess the performance of certain positions
  • The difference between an investment and a cost
  • Analyzing ROI for positions that don't have the same kinds of positions
  • One option to get a return on your investment from hiring a virtual assistant
  • Shifting your mindset around hiring in your business

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