Through The Marketing Lens

Get Known For One Thing

February 15, 2022 Katrina Aronson Season 2 Episode 47
Through The Marketing Lens
Get Known For One Thing
Show Notes

On this week's episode of Through The Marketing Lens, we're discussing the value of getting known for one thing. I'm calling it the "one-thing model" and companies like McDonalds and Levi's have proven that it works

Sticking to one main offering in your business allows you to both get really good at it and get notoriety from it. I highly recommend this model to any new business owner, especially anyone feeling particularly scattered in their business. We're talking about:

  • Benefits of the one-thing model and the biology of why it works
  • Why diversifying too quickly will actually hold you back
  • How counterintuitive this feels to most new entrepreneurs
  • Assessing if you're offering too much and figuring out your one-thing
  • Scaling past your one-thing

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