Through The Marketing Lens

Building Community Within Your Brand

February 22, 2022 Katrina Aronson, Phoebe Sherman Season 2 Episode 48
Through The Marketing Lens
Building Community Within Your Brand
Show Notes

This week's interview with Phoebe Sherman is all about building community within your brand and why that can be so instrumental for your business's growth. Phoebe is the founder of Girl Gang Craft, a community for creatives that has evolved from small local craft fairs and events into a massive brand with a podcast, courses and memberships,  and a feminist apparel line. 

Phoebe is taking us through how the community within Girl Gang Craft was born and how she continues to work to build and expand on that community to this day. We're discussing:

  • Why community is more important than ever before in business
  • How Phoebe got her start in business and what inspired her to start Girl Gang Craft
  • What community actually is, and what it means in business terms
  • Growing your business's community and tapping into various different audiences within your community
  •  Nurturing your community through in-person events, gift-giving projects, and online connection
  • Utilizing different platforms to reach new communities
  • Figuring out what your community wants/needs and using feedback to your advantage

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