Through The Marketing Lens

Is It Time To Raise Your Rates?

April 05, 2022 Katrina Aronson Season 2 Episode 51
Through The Marketing Lens
Is It Time To Raise Your Rates?
Show Notes

In today's episode of Through The Marketing Lens, we're going over an often scary but exciting transition in every entrepreneur's journey... RAISING YOUR PRICES. This is something that pretty much everyone struggles with at some point so we're diving into how to know if it's the right time, and how to do it well.

We’re talking about:

  • Signals to pay attention to and how to know if you're ready to raise your rates
  • Mindset struggles that are holding you back or preventing you from upleveling
  • Debunking some common fears around increasing prices
  • How to communicate with your current clients about the change and best practices for transitioning
  • True stories about some of my clients who have successfully increased prices, (without everything going wrong as they may have feared)
  •  Why all of this is important for growing your business

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